Mas de 50,000 estudiantes, 100,000 graduados, alrededor de mundo acceden a mas de 100 cursos, sin tener que reubicarse y conservando su estilo de vida, y así acceden a un título internacional.

La gran diferencia que estos alumnos adquieren habilidades fundamentales para la obtención de empleo, tales como resolución de problemas, análisis critico y auto-motivacion  que se desarrolla por las actividades y metodología de estudio, siendo buscados por los principales empleadores en todo el mundo.


Studying with the University of London International Programmes has been an exceptional and highly recommended experience. It offered me the opportunity to achieve an LLB degree while having a job and continuing other studies. It also made a difference at the time of facing the labour market and getting a good job. It has been a mindopening experience which certainly enriched me both personally and professionally.

María Belén Bastone

UoL Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) graduate 2013

University of Buenos Aires Lawyer graduate 2015 

Works at: Baker & McKenzie Buenos Aires / AIE

A BSc in International Relations provided me with a broader view and analysis of International politics as well as it taught me a new outlook through which International law could be understood and applied. Moreover, due to the programme vast amount of information, it widens the scope of analysis as well as it helps you to think outside the box when resolving matters at hand.

The University of London International Programmes (UoL) are the best way to obtain a degree from one of the top Universities worldwide, gaining a high educational level. This opportunity was enhanced by AIE’s, due to extraordinary tuitions, which help you to understand your subjects, and to the link it provides between UoL and the students, making the journey more pleasant. All in all, it was a challenging and rewarding experience

Cynthia Portalewski

BSc International Relations 2016 

When searching for a post-graduate study I was eager to find one that not only gave me new academic tools to add to my knowledge, but I also wanted to open my mind and develop a wider critical sense in order to find solutions to real-world situations I may had to deal with in my professional life. UoL Diploma for Graduates was an excellent choice then. I was able to access academical contents, with high-quality teachers and vast bibliography only at a “click” distance through the online resources from the UoL students portal.

The method in which the different courses are structured challenges students 24/7, making them constantly incorporate knowledge with the objective of producing integral solutions to a variety of situations.

I feel I had not only got a degree from a world-known institution, but that I have acquired real competitive advantages that make the difference in my professional profile. UoL International Programmes give the chance to any student in the world to really access to a high quality education at an affordable and time-adaptable way.

Pablo Wicht

Economista UBA 

Graduate Diploma en Management 2016